For nearly two decades, I’ve had the privilege to speaking at conferences, festivals, seminars, faith communities, and universities.

For now, my main talk is geared toward churches and similar faith-based communities. It is about my journey with divorce and loss, and centers on power of honesty and vulnerability to heal, based on this post).

Other talks include the following:

  • Civil dialogue.
  • Why all the data and new studies don’t really matter much.
  • The chronically anxious parent and how to combat it.
  • The philosophy of belief and why we can’t choose our beliefs and how this understanding can help you love people for where they are.
  • Four kinds of Christians.
  • What happens if passion just means suffering?
  • The polarization of Christians in politics, and how to get out.
  • Status anxiety

Please email me at martinp@ucla.edu for questions about fees, scheduling, etc.